A Brief History of Arsôn

All this information is common knowledge to everyone in Arsôn.
Details of specific events will not be covered here and will require a skill check to reveal.

The Elves ruled over the entire continent of Arsôn for many years until an event known as the Elven Schism. At this point the Elven races split and fell into a decline that lasted for several thousand years.

During this time the Human race began to develop tribes which grew into villages and cities and civilizations. These early nations rose and fell over a period of about two thousand years before we reached our current nations of Anglemar, the Bulwarth Empire, Northlands, and the Pulgwin Tribes.

Halflings are the final race inhabiting Arsôn. They are found throughout the continent in small villages tending their herds, fields, and vineyards.

Some time around the founding of the Bulwarth Empire, Elven ships discovered a new continent to the South inhabited by Dwarves, Gnomes, and Giants. Since then, two major Dwarf clans have moved into the mountain ranges of Arsôn.

Human races have, relatively recently, discovered magic and it’s uses and have been aggressively researching how to use it to it’s full potential. The Divination College at the Anglemar University of Magic recently put a huge amount of time and energy trying to look out over the East Arsôn Ocean to see if there was another continent like Bele.

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A Brief History of Arsôn

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