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I will be taking the pantheon directly from the online SRD.

Here is the common knowledge of how the gods of Arson interact with their believers.

Common People

The gods protect and provide for their chosen people, but direct contact or interaction with the people is rarely, if ever, seen. A child of wealthy parents, or parents seeking favor, will often be sent to the clergy as part of the family’s religious duties.


Clergy study the holy writings of their gods and relay the knowledge and wisdom they have gleaned to others. Those who wish to be clerics will often join in the clergy to be able to devote themselves entirely to their deity.

Holy Warriors

There is a caste of warriors that have dedicated themselves to a particular deity or cause. This is where aspiring paladins will often find themselves. The likelihood of being chosen as a paladin is very low, but many accept this path as one that will bring them closer to their deity.

Clerics and Paladins:

True Clerics and Paladins have been face to face with their god at one point in their life. This interaction leaves a mark on the individual, allowing them to commune directly with their god and receive blessings and favors from them.

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