Notable cities
Capital: City of Anglemar
System of Government
Standing Army, Royal Guard, Border Patrol, Navy
Crime and Law Enforcement
The King’s Law is the highest law in Anglemar. All of Anglemar observes the King’s Law. Each Barony will have it’s own laws under that which are referred to as the High Law. Each city will have different laws referred to as Low Law. A city watch will usually maintain order in the city.

In addition to civil laws there are Trade Laws determined by the area’s trade guilds. These laws determine who can trade what and where. These laws are essentially between High and Low Law depending on the local Baron’s relationship with the trade guild.

Feudal system with trade guilds
Natural Resources: Fishing, Lumber, Iron, Grain, Horses
Industry: Shipping, Carpentry
Excellent roads and canals for shipment of goods.
Most of Anglemar is forests butting against farmland with villages dotting the countryside. There are three major rivers that Anglemar trade passes up and down.
Total Population ~ 10 million
Human – 65%
Dwarf – 15%
Elf – 10%
Other 10%
Culture and History
Anglemar is the human nation on the East coast between the Elven nation of Elv’arsôn and the Dwarven nation of Bele’gost. Anglemar is known for it’s diverse culture and population. It was founded some 300 years ago after Anglemar, the then City-State, began bringing various cities under it’s influence through trade agreements.

Anglemar is the naval capitol of the world. All the known worlds finest ships come from Anglemar and it’s renown construction yards. This is very important because Anglemar has to ship most of it’s food supply from further inland via it’s major rivers.

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