Player Characters

General Notes:

8 Attribute points to spend – No skill can be leveled higher than 14 through these points (1 is set to 15 as your highest attribute)
Skill points that are already set can not be removed. Calculate how many extra skill points you should receive and allocate how you want.
All characters are subject to change if you have a compelling reason.

Adokul Milner

Male Elf Wizard

Alionna Carter

Female Human Paladin

Belkas Loyalar

Male Human Barbarian

Daveak Littleknight

Male Halfling Rogue

Davhorn Hollysword

Male Elf Ranger

Gracerath Torgarsaxe

Female Dwarf Fighter

Graril Graveltoes

Male Gnome Bard

Iankul Diamondeath

Male Dwarf Druid

Jansaadi Silverkin

Female Human Sorceress

Oolathyra Darkeyes

Female Human Monk

Pruella Serpenthelm

Female Half-Elf Fighter

Ravairies Armorsmith

Female Human Cleric

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Player Characters

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